• CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 - FDA

    Sulfaquinoxaline sodium salt ≥92.5%; CAS Number: 967-80-6; EC Number: 213-526-2; Linear Formula: solubility, H2O: soluble 50 mg/mL. Mode of action powder, BioReagent, suitable for mouse embryo cell culture, ≥3.5 units/mg solid.

  • Sulfaquinoxaline Sodiuum and Trimethoprim Soluble Powder

    9 Jan 2014 Sulfaquinoxaline sodium water soluble powder is a veterinary drug which contains sulfaquinoxaline sodium (SQXS) active ingredient.

  • Anticoccidial Drugs Used in the Poultry: An Overview

    Product name: Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium soluble powder. Main ingredient: Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium. Appearance: White or yellowish powder. Indiion: A kind 


    COMPOSITION. Each 1g contains Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium 150mg and trimethoprim 50mg. INDICATIONS. Anticoccidial drugs, used for the treatment of chicken 

  • Amprocox WS - Amprolium Sulfaquinoxaline Vitamins water

    31 May 2019 Preventative treatment may employ pharmaceutical ingredients in .. 20% Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium Solution; 25% S.Q. Soluble; S.Q. 40%; . It is available as an oral solution, soluble powder, or as a pelleted feed additive.

  • Antimicrobials - SANPHAR Solutions • Think ahead!

    China, Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium Soluble Powder Main ingredient Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium Appliion Fowl Indiion Indied for bloody stool caused by 

  • Deanship of Graduate Studies Al-Quds University Validated HPLC

    34 Products Choose quality veterinary medicine soluble powder manufacturers, suppliers Sodium Sulfaquinoxaline/Compound Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium 

  • Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium (10%,20%,70%) Soluble Powder/Granular

    sodium, sulfamerazine sodium and sulfaquinoxaline sodium powder, ANTIMICROBIAL SOLUBLE POWDER 78 grams Sodium Sulfamethazine Activity

  • COXICIN | Range Pharma

    Soluble in aqueous sodium bicarbonate and sodium hydroxide solutions. Retrieval System's USEPA/OPP Chemical Ingredients Database on Sulfaquinoxaline (59-40-5). .. Sulfamerazine, sulfamethazine, and sulfaquinoxaline powder.

  • Sulfacox | Range Pharma

    1 Mar 2015 Amprolium Hydrochloride and Sulfaquinoxaline sodium standards from for the determination of the two active ingredients simultaneously. . State Pharmacopeial Convention Inc., Amprolium soluble powder Monograph.

  • Sulfaquinoxaline - DrugBank

    Sulfaquinoxaline sodium 30mg and pyrimethamine 10mg / ml. Indiion. COXICIN is indied for the Product Type, Water soluble. Content, Sulfaquinoxaline 

  • Anticoccidial drugs of the livestock industry | SpringerLink

    sulfaquinoxaline sodium in A.S.K powder batch number: F01211ER .. control of coccidiosis and some contains several active ingredients such as Amprocoxin- . It is white to off-white powder; soluble in water (50mg/ml give clear colorless to 

  • POULTRYSULFA - sulfamethazine sodium, sulfamerazine sodium

    25 Feb 2016 Sulfaquinoxaline is a veterinary medicine which can be given to tle and sheep to treat Synonyms: Not Available; Product Ingredients 

  • Academic Sciences - International Journal of Pharmacy and

    80% sulfaquinoxaline-based coccidiostat soluble powder for poultry. The highest concentration in the market. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Sulphaquinoxialine sodium 

  • Sulfaquinoxaline sodium salt ≥92.5% | Sigma-Aldrich

    This drug has ability to form complexes with sodium and potassium ions in the minerals and other ingredients commonly used in poultry ration but it should . Quinolones have limited absorption because they are virtually insoluble in water. The effect of sulfaquinoxaline on the developmental stages of Eimeria tenella.


    Amprolium Sulfaquinoxaline Vitamins water-soluble powder Other side effects may include crystalluria, anaemia, leucopenia and thrombocytopenia.

  • Sulfaquinoxaline | C14H12N4O2S - PubChem

    Sulfachloropyrazine sodium monohydrate 500mg per g. Indiion. Chickens: Treatment Product Type, Water soluble powder. Content. Sulfachloropyrazine 

  • Sulfaquinoxaline Sodium soluble powder

    016592 for use of a 25-percent sulfaquinoxaline soluble powder and a 20-percent sulfaquinoxaline sodium solution as provided for in paragraph (c) of this 

  • Wholesale Veterinary Medicine Soluble Powder - Veterinary

    Active Ingredient. Holder Company 4 MAL10010004HAR Suanovil 150 M IU Soluble Powder. Spiramycin POWDER. SULFAQUINOXALINE SODIUM.

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