• Sodium propionate ≥99.0%, BioReagent, suitable for insect cell

    Synonym: Propionic acid sodium salt. CAS Number Linear Formula CH3CH2COONa. Molecular Weight 96.06 anhydrous, for molecular biology, ≥99%.

  • Short Term Intrarectal Administration of Sodium Propionate Induces

    14 Mar 2017 Formula. Molecular. Weight. Sodium Propionate,. Anhydrous. >99. 137-40-6. 205-290-4. NaC3H5O2. 96.06 g/mol. 4. FIRST-AID MEASURES.

  • Sodium Propionate at Best Price in India - IndiaMART

    In addition, propionic acid, sodium propionate and calcium propionate are permitted in a . Typical use levels range from 0.1 – 0.25% as propionic acid on food product weight basis. Molecular weight: 74.08 Chemical formula: C3H5NaO2.

  • Sodium Propionate BP USP NF FCC Food Grade Manufacturers

    A list of US mediions equivalent to Sodium Propionate is available on the Drugs.com website. Chemical Formula. C3-H5-Na-O2. Molecular Weight. 96 

  • CAS # 137-40-6 | Sodium Propionate Spectrum-Chemical Products

    Synonym: Propionic acid sodium salt. CAS Number 137-40-6. Linear Formula CH3CH2COONa. Molecular Weight 96.06. Beilstein/REAXYS Number 3566934.

  • Sodium propionate | C3H5O2Na - PubChem

    sodium propionate. Formula: C3H5NaO2; Molecular weight: 96.0604; IUPAC Standard InChI: InChI=1S/C3H6O2.Na/c1-2-3(4)5;/h2H2,1H3,(H,4,5);/q;+1/p-1 

  • Sodium propionate | CAS 137-40-6 | SCBT - Santa Cruz

    DG SANTE Food Additives: sodium propionate SODIUM PROPIONATE ANHYDROUS FCC GRADE . (IUPAC):, Atomic Weights of the Elements 2009 (pdf).

  • sodium propionate - the NIST WebBook

    Sodium Propionate CAS Number 137-40-6, EINECS EC Number 205-290-4, HS Code 291550**, Molecular Weight 96.06, Chemical Formula CH3CH2COONa.

  • Sodium Propionate - Drugs.com

    15 Jun 2015 Buy Sodium propionate (CAS 137-40-6), a biochemical for proteomics research, Molecular Formula: C3H5O2•Na, Molecular Weight: 96.06.

  • A1113 Propionates in Processed Meat CFS SD1 - Food Standards

    Sodium propionate | C3H5O2Na or C3H5NaO2 | CID 2723816 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, Sodium propionate anhydrous.

  • Sodium Propionate, Anhydrous - Columbus Chemical

    CAS RN | 137-40-6 | Sodium Propionate. Spectrum Chemical manufactures and distributes fine chemicals with quality Molecular Formula. Molecular Weight 

  • Sodium propionate ≥99.0% | Sigma-Aldrich

    Sodium propionate ≥99.0%; CAS Number: 137-40-6; EC Number: 205-290-4; Synonym: Propionic acid sodium salt; Linear Formula: C3H5NaO2; find Molecular Weight 96.06. Beilstein/REAXYS anhydrous, for molecular biology, ≥99%.

  • Sodium propionate | 137-40-6

    Sodium propionate is the sodium salt of propionic acid that exists as colorless, transparent crystals Accession Number: DBSALT002690 (DB13440); Structure.

  • Sodium propionate - DrugBank

    This produces toxic and corrosive fumes of sodium oxide. The solution in water is a weak base. Formula: CH3CH2COONa / C3H5NaO2. Molecular mass: 96.1


    27 Sep 2018 Short Term Intrarectal Administration of Sodium Propionate Induces China; 2Key Laboratory of Chemical Biology and Molecular Engineering of Ministry of .. Orthogonal Projection to latent structure-discriminate analysis 

  • sodium propionate, 137-40-6 - The Good Scents Company

    25 Kg White Sodium Propionate, Packaging Type: Bag, Formula: C3H5NaO2. Rs 130/ Molar Mass: 96.07 g/mol Molecular Weight (g per mol): 96.060 g/mol.

  • Sodium propionate - Wikipedia

    Sodium propanoate or sodium propionate is the sodium salt of propionic acid which has the Molar mass, 96.060 g/mol Sodium propanoate at Sci-toys.com 

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