• Silica fillers for silicone rubber - Journals from Smithers Rapra

    properties of silicone rubber vulcanisates to be improved by several . water, leading to a diminution in the reinforcing effect, most effective hydrophobising agents for pyrogenic silica 3.7-4.7. <0.05. 300±30. 7 50. <2.0. 3.7-4.7. <0.05. 380±30. 7 50. <2.0. 3.7-4.7 .. surface value of 300 m2/g. the elongation falls to 300%.

  • Fumed Silica in Silicone Rubber | XYSIL® Fumed Silica - XUNYU

    thereby expanding its already wide range of reinforcing silica for silicone rubber. This Technical Information provides an overview of the properties of the new 

  • AEROSIL® fumed silica for silicone rubber - general effects

    XYSIL® fumed silica provides thixotropy and reinforcement for RTV silicone sealants, while its shear-thinning property provides thickening and sag resistance at 

  • Fumed Silica

    Fumed silica is a kind of white, odorless, amorphous inorganic chemical. Due to Silane Coupling Agent can improve the reinforcing properties of fillers rubber 

  • AEROSIL® R 104 and AEROSIL® R 106 for silicone rubber

    AEROSIL® fumed silica for silicone rubber - Effects and properties in different fumed silica as a reinforcing filler improves mechanical properties, for 

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