• Dispersing Agent NNO for Sale - Kingsun Company

    Kingsun dispersing agent nno is widely used in printing and dyeing industry, construction, agriculture, rubber, etc. Inquiry now.

  • Dispersing Agent NNO | CAS 36290-04-7 - Organic Solvent

    Dispering agents in Kingsun are mainly include dispersing agent nno and dispersing agent mf. When grinding the solid dye, adding dispersing agent can help the pulverization of the granules and Dispersing Agent MF for Sale as well as a stabilizer for rubber industrial latex, and as an auxiliary for the leather industry.

  • KAOU AT-C High Performance Compound Rubber Dispersing Agent

    Dispersing Agent NNO has good dispersion force, grinding effect and solubilizing effect. It is of good quality and sold at reasonable price.

  • Dispersing Agents MF and NNO in Kingsun Company

    KAOU AT-C High Performance Compound Rubber Dispersing Agent substantially, but also will have no effect on vulcanization system and physical properties 

  • Dispersant NNO, Dispersing Agent NNO Industrial Grade

    Dispersant NNO, Dispersing Agent NNO Industrial Grade, mainly used for dispersing dyes, vat dyes, Dispersant NNO is an anionic surfactant, the chemical name is naphthalene sulfonate colour lake, used as stabilizing agent of rubber latex, used as a leather auxiliary tanning agent.

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