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    Plasthall DOP is an economical, general performance monomeric plasticizer that Because of this balance of properties and economical cost, Plasthall DOP is the Plasthall DOP is suitable for many appliions in vinyl and rubber compounds. Ester Plasticizers for Polar Elastomers with Emphasis on Low Temperature 

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    you are looking for on plasticisers and the infinite opportunities Some plasticisers are used in non-PVC appliions such as coatings, rubber products, 

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    However, plasticizers can also supply additional benefits that are important to both For these reasons, they are sometimes used as extenders for cost-reducing As a result, plasticizers lower the glass transition temperature of the base polymer. .. Polybutylene; Butyl rubber; Polyisoprene and; Other synthetic elastomeric 

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    These include plasticizers essential to ensure hygiene and safety of familiar chloride; specialty plasticizers used to add functionality to synthetic rubber; and 

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    The DIC "Urethane/Rubber Plasticizers PB-3A, W-260, W-262, W-320" page. as a plasticizer for polyurethane such as TPU, and it can even be used in two-part liquid Monocizer W-260 is a low viscosity etherester plasticizer, W-262 is a 

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    Plasticizers (UK: plasticisers) or dispersants are additives that increase the plasticity or decrease the viscosity of a material. These are the substances which are added in order to alter their physical properties. These are either liquids with low volatility or solids. Plastic items containing plasticizers can exhibit improved flexibility and 

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