• Addolink - Tri-iso

    multifunctional crosslinking agents for PUR systems. Addolink (TPU) and urethane rubber. materials isocyanate, polyol and crosslinking agent.

  • Curing or Vulcanizing Agents for Adhesives and Sealants

    Your position: Home - Brands / Product info - Crosslinking Agent CAS No.: 6291-95-8. Molecular Formula: C15H21N3O3. Molar Mass: 291.35 g/mol. Chemical 

  • Trimethallyl isocyanurate - Hunan Farida Technology Co., Ltd.

    CAS NO 3290-92-4 As vulcanizing activator for special rubber such as ethylene propylene rubber, EPDM, chlorine plastics; as insulating material for micro-electronic products; as cross-linking agent for special ion exchange resin; and etc.

  • Crosslinking Agent and Accelerator|Products|UNIMATEC CO.LTD

    Adding TAIC™ to the crosslinking process of polymers and rubbers greatly improves crosslinking efficiency, heat resistance, and mechanical properties.

  • TAIC,TMAIC,TAC,TMPTMA,P90-Hunan Minhe Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Discover the chemistry of cross-linking in thermoset polymers and its effects on The cross-linking of rubber with sulfur is called vulcanizing agents for rubber. There is a wide range of isocyanates that allow formulators to produce high 

  • TAIC™ | Products | Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

    Crosslinking agents will improve hardness, tensile strength and compression set, 2,2'-Bis[4-(4-aminophenoxy)phenyl]propane (50%). CAS No. 13080-86-9 

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