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    Predispersed Rubber Chemicals Types: Accelerators, Sulphur and Sulphur ZBEC 80%, ZOBP 50%, ZDBC 80%, ZDMC 80%, ZDEC 80%, ZEPC 80%, ZMBT 80% AO 1010 80%, AO 2246 80%, MBM 80%, NDBC 80%; Other Products – GB 

  • Predispersed Rubber Chemicals - PREMIX® Range — Accelerators

    for pre-dispersed rubber chemicals and additives. . ultra accelerator for sulfur cure; also providing ZDBC-80* granules in order to avoid blooming, usually kept 

  • LXS Rubber alogue EU-VERSION_US 0219 kplt - Rhein Chemie

    Global Rubber Performance Product alog. 3. CONTENTS for pre-dispersed rubber chemicals and additives. Selected Rhenogran® ZDBC-80.

  • Premix | RDC S.r.l

    21 Apr 2016 ZDBC-80. Predispersed rubber chemicals and additives. Function. Accelerator for the vulcanization of natural and synthetic rubbers. Product 

  • Predispersed Rubber Chemicals | Supplier of performance chemical

    RDC technology is unique in the field of predispersed material production: the PremiX/N: predispersed chemicals based on nitrile rubber polymeric matrix

  • Rhenogran® ZDBC-80 - Rhein Chemie - Lanxess

    Helps avoid pollution from dust and fumes during rubber compounding process; Suitable for of raw material quality to extend shelf life of predispersion and ensures product quality during the mixing process, Vulbond CBS-80GE/F120A.

  • HiDispersion rubber additives | Nanjing Union Rubber Chemicals

    HiDispersion rubber additives Mainly used for high quality rubber parts with excellent dispersion property. Factory · Feedback · Contact Us · Home · Products; Pre-dispersed Rubber Chemicals 1, Nurcagran CBS-80, 95-33-0, GRS, Rhenogran®CBS-80, Read More 18, Nurcagran ZDBC-80, 136-23-2, GRS, Read More.

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