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    Search results for 866-84-2 at Sigma-Aldrich. Match Criteria: CAS Number, Related Cas Number. Potassium citrate tribasic solution BioUltra, 1 M in H2O.

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    Synonyms: POTASSIUM CITRATE. Chemical Names: TRIPOTASSIUM CITRATE; TRIPOTASSIUM SALT OF CAS number: 866-84-2 Food Additives.

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    China Food Grade Price D / L+ Tartaric Acid for Beverage, Find details about China Potassium Citrate, Potassium Citrate 866-84-2 from Food Grade Price D CAS No. 6100-05-6. Mf. C6h5K3o7 H2O. Model Number. Bp USP FCC E332 . supplier and distributor of food and feed additives in the international market and 

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    Potassium Citrate, or Tripotassium Citrate is a white, slightly hygroscopic crystalline powder, odorless with a saline taste.

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    Additives and excipients should be of appropriate food or pharmaceutical grade . CAS No. Synonym(s). Limit. (mg/kg product). Reference. (Scientific rational .. 6100-05-6 /. 866-84-2. - Citrate of potash. - Citric acid potassium salt. - E332.

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    Order Potassium Citrate from Brenntag North America partner with an established global market leader in the distribution of food-grade additives and 

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    λ: 280 nm Amax: 0.025; CAS DataBase Reference866-84-2(CAS DataBase As a food additive, potassium citrate is used to regulate acidity and is known as E 

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    1.1 Commercial product name: Potassium Citrate. 1.2 Chemical 1.5 CAS No: 866-84-2. 1.6 EINECS No.: 212-755-5. 1.7 FOR USE IN FOOD (E 332).


    19 Dec 2011 potassium citrate, sodium citrate, diammonium citrate, isopropyl citrate, . The following 10 ingredients are GRAS direct food additives, restricted only by good manufacturing practices: 866-84-2 [CAS No. is not specific.

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    Potassium citrate monohydrate is a hydrate that is the monohydrate form of potassium citrate. It has a role as a diuretic. . Related CAS. 866-84-2 (anhydrous). from ChemIDplus. 866-84-2. from HSDB .. 8Food Additives and Ingredients. Help.

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    CAS Number: 866-84-2, Picture of molecule egory:buffering agents, sequestrants, yeast food JECFA Food Additive: Potassium Dihydrogen Citrate

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    CAS NO. 866-84-2 (Anhydrous) 6100-05-6 (Monohydrate). POTASSIUM CITRATE nutrient or food additives having functions of acidity regulator, sequestering 

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    Results 1 - 25 of 509 Potassium Citrate is a supplement often given to dogs prone to the formation of . NOW Foods uses potassium citrate, a form of bioavailable 1 M in H2O; CAS Number: 866-84-2; Linear Formula: C6H5K3O7; find 

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    Potassium citrate is a potassium salt of citric acid with the molecular formula K3C6H5O7. It is a Identifiers. CAS Number · 866-84-2 ☑ Y As a food additive, potassium citrate is used to regulate acidity and is known as E number E332.

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    Wholesale Trader of Citrates Tartrates - Potassium Bitratrate, Antimony Potassium Tartarate, Sodium Potassium Tartrate and Sodium citrate is chiefly used as a food additive, usually for flavor or as a preservative. CAS Number, 866-84-2.

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    At last,Potassium Citrate(866-84-2) safety, risk, hazard and MSDS, CAS,cas As a food additive, potassium citrate is used to regulate acidity and is known as E 

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