• New Reactive Surfactants for Emulsion Polymerization, Part 1 | 2012

    LAKPOL C 1000, POE Styrenated Phenol Ethoxylate, Emulsifier for Pesticides. Pigment Dispersant. Antistatic agent. LAKPOL C 2000, POE Styrenated Phenol聽

  • MINUTES OF THE MEETING No. 1/12 dated 6.4.2011 The - DGFT

    Table 3.3. Regional emissions of styrenated phenol from ethoxylate (t/year) to 5 ug/ml. This is a lower inhibitory concentration than lithocholic acid (a known.

  • Styrenated Phenol - Welcome to Laffans Petrochemical website

    Phenol, ethoxylated, phosphated. 39464-70-5. 72283-31-9. 2-phenoxyethanol; phosphoric acid. Phenol, ethoxylate, phosphate. More Molecular Weight:.

  • Laffonics HWX - Welcome to Laffans Petrochemical website

    1 Oct 2012 Varying the level of ethoxylation and adjusting the size of the Sulfates were prepared by reaction of the ethoxylates with sulfamic acid and were used Styrenated phenol surfactants are known to be generally low foaming.

  • Phosphate esters are anionic surfactants - Venus Goa

    produced by reacting a styrenated phenol alkoxylate with sulfamic acid and then in an aqueous system with a styrenated and sulfated phenol ethoxylates.

  • Manufacturer of Ethoxylates For Binders PSA Acid Thickener by

    2-Ethylhexyl Phosphate (Mono/Di-ester); Styrenated Phenol (ethoxylated) Phosphate Tridecyl Alcohol (ethoxylated) Phosphate; Methacrylic Acid (ethoxylated)聽

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    APL manufactures a wide range of alkyl phenol ethoxylates. APL manufactures fatty acid ethoxylates which find appliion iin textile formulation and the聽

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    Fatty Acid Ethoxylates, Stexel . Excel Organics offers a variety of alkyl phenol ethoxylates of consistently high quality, and low Styrenated phenol ethoxylates

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    Fibrol Non-Ionics Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of Ethoxylates For Binders PSA, ethoxilate, fatty acid ethoxilate, styrenated phenol ethoxilate, acid thickener, etc.

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    Fibrol Chemical is one of the leading at Styrenated Phenol Ethoxylate manufacturer, exporter in India. For more Information Visit our website or Call us at +91 22聽

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    Nonyl phenol ethoxylates (4 to 50 moles). Octyl phenol ethoxylates (10 to 20 moles). Styrenated phenol ethoxylates (20 moles). Card phenol ethoxylates (5 to 30聽

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    Fibrol Non-Ionics Pvt. Ltd. | Various Emulsifiers - Manufacturer of Ethoxylates For Binders PSA, Acid Thickener and Styrenated Phenol Ethoxylate.

  • Dow Surfactants Reference Chart

    Tridecyl Alcohol Ethoxylate Phosphate. 8. Oleyl Alcohol Ethoxylate Phosphate. 9. Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate Phosphate. 10. Styrenated Phenol Ethoxylate聽

  • Styrenated Phenol Ethoxylate manufacturer, exporter in India | Fibrol

    6 Apr 2011 R-Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic. Acid. 2. 5-Chloro-2,3 difluoropyridine. 3. Cloquintocet mexyl .. Qty. Phenol Ethoxylate. 1 Kg. 1. Phenol. 2. Ethylene Oxide. 0.299 Kg. 0.701 Kg. From . (Styrenated Phenol 20 moles ethoxylate) (聽

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    Laffonics HWX series of Ethoxylates are of Styrenated phenol - Ethylene Oxide in acid and alkali medium and are compatible with other Ethoxylates (Anionic,聽

  • Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), alpha-phenyl-omega - PubChem - NIH

    including styrene-butadiene, vinyl, acrylic, and other and better than primary alcohol ethoxylate (PAE) surfactants in many appliions, including hard (8) APE = Alkyl phenol ethoxylate .. Excellent stability in alkaline, acid, bleach and.

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    Ethoxylated Fatty Acids. loader. Ethoxylated Ethoxylated Sorbitan Esters. loader. Linear alcohol Styrenated Phenol Surfactants. loader. Sulfate. loader聽

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