• Effects of silicon surfactant in rigid polyurethane foams - eXPRESS

    include high and low-pressure PU foam machines, a PU rigid spray foam Niax* Silicone Surfactants For Conventional Flexible Foam. *Niax is a .. Tertiary amine alyst, that can help to improve skin cure at low mold temperatures. A-33 Niax* Silicone Surfactants for PU Shoe Sole, Mechanical Froth and PU Leather.

  • Rigid Foam | Dow Inc.

    Silicone additives from Dow can be used in many Microcellular foam rigid foam appliions; surfactant for footwear (shoe sole) and integral skin appliions.

  • Microcellular Foam | Dow Inc.

    Auxiliary blowing agents are utilized in most polyurethane appliions. However, the impact of these blowing agents on final foam properties is most critical in 

  • Siltech New Materials |Silicone surfactant | PU foam stabilizer

    Understanding how a silicone surfactant will interact with your rigid foam surfactant for rigid foam appliions; surfactant for footwear (shoe sole) and integral skin Silicone surfactant for use in producing open-cell rigid polyurethane foams 

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    Introduction. Polyurethanes (PUs) are used as coatings, adhesive, sealants, elastomers (CASE), and fibers as well as flexible, semi-rigid and rigid foams [1–3].

  • Silicone Surfactants for Pentane Blown Rigid Foam - J. Grimminger

    Other description: Silicone surfactant for flexible PU foam, Flexible foam for Rigid Foam, Silicone Stabilizer for Rigid Foam, Rigid Foam Stabilizer ,PU. Silicone surfactant for PU shoe sole and PU leather, PU shoe sole foam stabilizer.

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