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    Silica Gel Directory in Pakistan. Silica Gel Desiccant Manufacturer in Karachi Pakistan.ss 24-Circular Road Lahore Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan

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    Complete Web directory of Silica Gel businesses in Lahore. Find accurate information online about any Silica Gel and Metals, Minerals Mining business 

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    Dry bulk silica gel ✓ Gelatinous silica in bulk ✓ Protection from moisture damage during shipment and in storage ✓ Multiple packaging units available.

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    The Importer of Silica Gel Manufacturer of Desiccant Bags in Pakistan Since 1986.

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    Silica Gel Manufacturer Silica-Gel Bags Sachet Silicagel Supplier in Karachi Kamran Enterprises, Silica Gel desiccant moisture adsorbent to control local 

  • Silica Gel Manufacturer SilicaGel Supplier, Desiccant silica gel

    Silica gel with narrow pores ✓ Desiccant for small product packaging, electrical devices, leather, textiles ✓ Strongly hygroscopic ✓ Small packing units.

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