• A systematic review on ethnomedicines of anti‐cancer plants

    2017112 Greek civilizations (Gaidhani et al., 2009). Therefore, shikonin. 25.6. 98. 5.6. A-549. Acetylshikonin. Quinine. MTT assay. Xiong et al .,. 2009.

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    22 Jun 2016 Plumbagin (purity > 98%) was purchased from Dalian Meilun Biotech Co., Ltd .. Frequency of CYP450 enzyme gene polymorphisms in the Greek population: . Evaluation of the inhibition risk of shikonin on human and rat 

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    metal ions. Carbohydr. Polym. 2013; 98: 1214-21. 31. Zhou Q, Yan C, Luo W. Preparation of a Onosma derives from the Greek word “onos” and. “osmê”, and Latin word “osma”. .. found alkannin/ shikonin derivatives displaying biological 

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    John George Delinassios - Greece Christina Tsigalou – Greece Materials and Methods: 114 patients who were diagnosed as colorectal cancer and 98 healthy Method: The effects of Aβ25-35 and shikonin on PC12 cell viability was 

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    25 Jul 2010 Dionysia and Thalassa group - Mia Krifi Evaisthissia 20th place - 12 points.

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    first recorded use of. AT roots is found in the works of the Greek doctor and .. motes it.[98]. Further improvements in shikonin production have been made by 

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    9 Apr 2012 Mia krifi evesthisia (Μια κρυφή ευαισθησία) - Thalassa (Θάλασσα) - Points: 12 Ranking: 20/25.

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    Specific inhibition of PKM2 (with shikonin) inhibited the cancer hallmarks; cell .. mild AP, in 98 patients the moderately AP, and in 57 patients the severe AP. 17Attikon University General Hospital, Athens, Greece; 18Instituto Nacional de 

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    5 Sep 2017 to Greece, through Balkans and Mediterranean regions[2]. Being poorly inves- shikonin, isolated from the roots of Onosma paniculata Bur.Franch. (Boragi- naceae) Mo-Poster Session 1-PO-98. Preparation and.

  • Contemporary Challenges in the Design of Topoisomerase II

    Absynthium Volatile oil Lithospermum erythrorhizon Shikonin Rauwolfia serpentina Ajmaline, serpentine .. [98] Yang RYK, Bayraktar O, PU HT. GENERAL ASPECTS Anthocyanins (Greek anthos, flower and Greek kyanose, blue) are 

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    1998 she was Director of the Medicinal Plant Information Centre in Bangkok. She has published from Greece, with ascaridole as the main compo- nent (47%) and lesser The isomeric red pigments alkannin and shikonin are the best 

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    8 Mar 2012 These molecules, designated Thanatops (from the Greek work thanatos . (98) This topoisomerase II poison has shown excellent antitumor activities in a .. such as the shikonin derivative SH-7 (Figure 7),(197) the plant/fungi 

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    Alkannin, 1, Shikonin, 2, and their derivatives are naturally occurring dyes found . NalO 4, H20:EtOH 5:1,0 to 25 °C, 1.5 h, 98% for two steps; (ix) 1.7 Gunther R. The Greek Herbal ofDioscorides, Hafner Publishing Co., New York, 1959, Vol.

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    21 Jul 2019 98% of metabolic phenotypes accessible to the combined E. coli Sweden, 24Hellenic Ministry of Culture Sports, Athens, Greece, 25University of the known shikonin pathway genes across conditions with perturbed 

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    473-98-3. Triterpene. Birch Bark. BETULINIC ACID. 472-15-1. Triterpene. Birch Bark Other Name: Greek Sage; Spanish Sage; East Meditterranean Sage.

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    response of basilar artery smooth muscle cells in subarachnoid hemorrhage of rabbit and immune-modulation by shikonin. 1998-2019 American Elements.

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    14 Oct 2014 rates of tumor registry compliance (98%) among Swiss regions. Switzerland (along with Periklis Foukas, born in Athens, Greece, graduated with a medical degree from the School of Shikonin- loaded antibody-armed 

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