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    Dibutyl sebae (DBS) is an organic chemical, a dibutyl ester of sebacic acid. Its main use is as a plasticizer in production of plastics, namely cellulose Other names. dibutyl sebae, Proviplast 1944lkl;. Identifiers. CAS Number · 109-43-3 ☑ 

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    di-n-butyl sebae (DBS) のモルモットにおける. , skin sensitization, guinea pig maximization test (DBS:CAS 09-43-3、). :decanedioic acid dibutyl ester、 . 2) Sensitization rate (%) = positive number of animals / total number of animals!100 .. plasticized films into foods 3.

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    D2915 | 109-43-3 | C18H34O4 | Spectrum Chemical. Dibutyl Sebae, also known as DBS, is used as a plasticizer in production of plastics. Ungraded products 

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    Dibutyl sebae | C18H34O4 | CID 7986 - structure, chemical names, Dibutyl decanedioate. 109-43-3. Butyl sebae. Di-n-butyl sebae. More. . 2.3.1Other CAS 2.3.2European Community (EC) Number Monoplex DBS .. Plasticizer, rubber softener, dielectric liquid, cosmetic and perfumes, flavoring ingredient.

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    The Ames test showed CEF to be non-mutagenic. Di(2-ethylhexyl)sebae is a plasticizer that was used by Holston AAP replaced by dioctyl adipate. Based on the limited amount of n-butyl acetate now used by the Army, any alternate names for di-n-butyl sebae are listed below: *. CAS Registry No.: 109-43-3.

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    Handbook ofPharmaceutical Additives Third Edition Handbook ofPharmaceutical Additives Third Edition Compiled by M

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    The CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) identifiion number is being used more . This is diagnosed by routine blood tests that check the level of magnesium. Dibutyl Sebae Products and Uses: A plasticizer in rubber softeners that is also used Synonyms: CAS: 109-43-3 ♢ DECANEDIOIC ACID, DIBUTYL ESTER 

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    1 Jun 2017 information regarding alternative plasticizers to PEs was collected and presented extensively. Results showed that for .. More specifically, this work aims to test the hypothesis that CAS. Number. Molar weight. [g/mol]. Log KOW. (25°C). Dibutyl adipate (DBA) Dibutyl sebae (DBS). 109-43-3. 314.46.

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    Pure product. CAS No. 109-43-3. EC No. 203-672-5 function. DBS is used in the manufacture of Dibutyl sebae (DBS) is the most efficient plasticizer.

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    Global Dibutyl Sebae (DBS) (CAS 109-43-3) Market 2019 The worldwide market for . The number one fabric softener is the Wool Dryer Balls from Simple Natural Products .. Thailand marketting Distinctive Paint industry dop test dioc.

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    18 Nov 2008 Dibutyl Sebae 109-43-3 Common Name/. Trade Name. alog. Number(s). CAS#. RTECS Kodaflex DBS; Monoplex DBS; Polycizer DBS; Staflex DBS Check for and remove any contact lenses. . Major Uses: Synthetic flavoring adjuvant; plasticizer; rubber softener; dieletric liquid; cosmetic 

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    JECFA Number625; BRN 1798308; CAS DataBase Reference109-43-3(CAS UsesDibutyl sebae (DBS) is a dibutyl ester of sebacic acid. sebae is used in oral pharmaceutical formulations as a plasticizer for film coatings on tablets 


    Contact LMC-Couplings and ask for your order tracking number. .. The impact resistance test showed that the product quality of cam groove couplings is variable. . 633-DBS. D. Coupler, threaded EN 14420-7 / DIN 2828. DF Dibutyl sebae. 109-43-3. -. [(CH. 2. ) 4. CO. 2. (CH. 2. ) 3. CH. 3. ] 2. D. D. C. C. C.

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    1 Oct 2018 diethyl phthalate; DMP: dimethyl phthalate; DBS: dibutyl sebae; DBP: vast amount of chemical compounds used as plasticizers in a wide range of plastics, including .. Literature*. Name. IUPAC name. CAS #. Molecular formula. MP (°C) 109-43-3 were compared with this work's for a cross check.

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    16 Sep 2011 2DIDP 1 (CAS number 68515-49-1, EC number 271-091-4). 3DIDP 2 (CAS 6422-86-2. 11. Dibutyl sebae. DBS. 203-672-5. 109-43-3. 12.

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    perstraction of MCPA, 2,4-D and dichlorprop by dibutyl sebae liquid-core microcapsules . 5.3 DBS oil liquid-liquid extraction for herbicides and the calculated estimate 1.1 Chart showing the number of reported pesticide exceedances in drinking dyes, 3) monomers, 4) alysts, 5) flame retardants, 6) plasticizers, 

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    11 Apr 2019 (2-ethylhexyl) sebae (DEHS) and dioctyl sebae (DOS); a mixture (DBS); diisononyl adipate (DINA); epoxidized soybean oil (ESBO); and .. performed in July 2018 using the CAS number and synonyms (see . DEHS is primarily used as a plasticizer for a variety of polymers (Oesterle-Deml, 1988).

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    9 Aug 2019 Table 2: Physical-Chemical Properties for Dibutyl Sebae . Table 1 below provides the CAS number, synonyms, and other information on dibutyl sebae. .. Plasticizer – plastic product manufacturing, rubber product manufacturing, wholesale and Test substance reported as CASRN 109-43-3.

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