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    of bilirubin ditaurate was related to the intensity of the light source in the presence of the photosensitizer meso-tetra (4-sulfonatophenyl)-porphine (TPPS4).

  • Photosensitizers ANTHRACURE® series|Photo-sensitizer

    A photosensitizer is a molecule that produces a chemical change in another molecule in a photochemical process. Photosensitizers are commonly used in 

  • Methylthio BODIPY as a standard triplet photosensitizer for singlet

    In the family of halogenated BODIPY, the easily synthesized photosensitizer 3,5-dimethyl-2,6-diiodo-8-thiomethyl-pyrromethene (MeSBDP, CAS-1835282-63-7, 

  • Photosensitizer-antibody conjugates for detection and therapy of

    21 Photo Sensitizer 395. CAS No.:506426-96-6 · Photo Initiator TPO-L. CAS No.:84434-11-7 · Photo Initiator TPO. CAS No.:75980-60-8 · Photo Initiator 

  • Photo-sensitizer ANTHRACURE®|Selected products|KAWASAKI

    Product name, ANTHRACURE® UVS-1331. Molecular formula, C22H26O2. Molecular weight, 322.48. Chemical Name, 9,10-Dibutoxyanthracene. CAS No.

  • Bilirubin ditaurate--a sensitive compound for examination of - NCBI

    Presents appliions and characteristics of Kawasaki Kasei´s photosensitizers ANTHRACURE® series.

  • + - Baowei Technology –Steroids,Hormone,SARMs

    Product Name, CAS NO, Product Info, MSDS. Photo Sensitizer 395, 506426-96-6. Photo Initiator 184 Photo Initiator 907 T, 94576-68-8. Photo Initiator DETX 

  • Photoinitiator - Qingdao Jade New Material Technology

    Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2004 Jan 13;56(1):31-52. Photosensitizer-antibody conjugates for detection and therapy of cancer. van Dongen GA(1), Visser GW, 

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