• How China's Food Industry Became a Tech Battleground - VICE

    6 Aug 2018 Chip labour: Robots replace waiters in China restaurant Alibaba now has 57 Hema markets in 13 Chinese cities, all of which will eventually partly as a job creator, as manufacturing increasingly becomes mechanized.

  • From robot restaurants to automobile vending machines: How

    25 Mar 2019 PRC's robot-maker will dominate the domestic market, thus the goal is to supply 50% of local AI in the food industry - robot restaurant - cifnews Alibaba opened these human-free restaurants within its Hema supermarkets, 

  • innovation in retail - Patent Search | Patent Technology

    26 Jun 2018 WATCH: Hema supermarket's new "robotic restaurant" offers a This robot makes soldiers obsolete Alibaba.com Global Gold Supplier.

  • Chip labour: Robots replace waiters in China restaurant | Hong

    6 Aug 2018 Chinese companies are already tackling other pain points, such as difficulties with store A Hema supermarket in Shanghai recently launched a robotic restaurant, where customers can pick their main course from the grocery 

  • In China, cash is no longer king - Nikkei Asian Review

    26 Oct 2018 Search engine operator Baidu and Tencent, the company behind WeChat, Now, they have their sights set on robot restaurants and food delivery. Hou Yi, the founder of the HeMa Supermarket chain that is building Robot.

  • Freshippo's New 'Robotic Restaurant' | Alizila.com

    B-roll Handout: Freshippo Supermarket Robot.He Restaurant 2.0. Play Video. Play. Mute B-roll Handout: Taobao Maker Festival 2019. September 16, 2019.

  • Alibaba introduces robots to Hema stores - Undercurrent News

    31 Dec 2018 Companies are re-engineering their businesses to er to consumers who The robot restaurant is inside a rapidly-growing Chinese grocery store Hema Xiansheng grocery stores in China combine e-commerce and new 

  • Alibaba Group - Hema's New 'Robotic Restaurant' | Facebook

    as Hema) supermarket offers a highly automated, Jetsons-like food experience. Freshippo's New 'Robotic Restaurant' Taobao Maker Festival 2019 

  • Hema: Bringing New Retail to a Broader Industry - Research

    Area-17 interprets the innovative Hema Robot Restaurant by Alibaba Group with an interior design and layout that enhance the high-tech character of the 

  • From Amazon to Alibaba, grocers' pain is endless - Livemint

    10 Aug 2018 However, while the company may have a technology differentiator in its At Hema's robotic restaurant, for example, customers can choose 

  • Robots replace waiters in China restaurant, Technology - THE

    2 Jul 2018 Robot.He, the fresh seafood restaurant loed in Alibaba's high-tech Hema Supermarket, has a kitchen staff and hosts for a human element, 

  • Alibaba's Shanghai restaurant Robot.He has robots replacing

    7 Jan 2019 TOKYO -- As more shops and restaurants in China move toward only the authorities intervened and Hema had to install cash registers, 

  • Alibaba's 'New Retail' Revolution: What Is It, And Is It Genuinely New?

    6 Aug 2018 The diners are attached to Alibaba's new Hema chain of semi-automated said Jason Ding, a China retail expert with Bain Company.

  • AI is Changing the World Starting Right From the Food - Cifnews

    18 Nov 2018 He, Alibaba's robot-driven restaurant, inside its Hema supermarket (now Finance, New Manufacturing, New Technology and New Energy.

  • Alibaba Hema NECC Robot Restaurant | Area-17 Architecture and

    16 Oct 2018 Alibaba's first Robot restaurant is decidedly less dystopian than it sounds. In sleepy suburban Nanxiang, famous for soup dumplings and 

  • B-roll Handout: Hema Supermarket Robot.He Restaurant 2.0

    27 Feb 2019 Robots in restaurants sound like a futuristic novelty. In 2018, companies including Alibaba's grocery chain Hema and JD.com captured public 

  • Robots are taking over China's food service industry, and making it

    The common goal of all these companies is to make in-store shopping attractive and Similarly, Alibaba has launched a digital grocery store concept called Hema where Recently, Alibaba opened up a highly automated restaurant, Robot.

  • China's tech innovations could change US grocery retailing

    Alibaba's vision for grocery retail in the digital era is to innovate by relying on its own ecosystem and infrastructure. And the Hema supermarket chain is only the 

  • Hema Introduces Robot Restaurant in Suburbs, Plans to Conquer

    5 Jul 2018 Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is using robots at Hema Supermarket stores in Shanghai to and keeping some crucial human employees, Alibaba hopes to make its restaurant more cost-efficient. Companies 

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