• Crystex - HD OT 20 - Eastman

    MUCRON OT-20, MUCRON OT-20HD. Appearance, Yellow Powder, Yellow Powder. Total Sulfur (%), 78〜82, 78〜82. Insoluble Sulfur in CS2 (%), 70.0min.

  • Sulfur - Registration Dossier - ECHA

    Preparation of Insoluble Sulphur and 10% Naphthenic Oil treated. Intended Use DIAMOND SULF OT 20 High Stability (DS OT 20 HS). Product Name

  • Special Grades - OCCL | Oriental Carbon Chemicals Limited - India

    Crystex HD OT 20 is a non-blooming vulcanizing agent for unsaturated elastomers. HD OT is polymeric sulfur and is insoluble in elastomers. Consequently it will 

  • High Stability Grades - OCCL | Oriental Carbon Chemicals Limited

    Insoluble Sulphur DS OT 20 is an vulcanising agent and insoluble in elastomers. Insoluble sulphur is a completely non-blooming and ideal vulcanizing agent.

  • Insoluble Sulphur DS OT 20 - Joss Elastomers Chemicals

    Preparation of Insoluble Sulphur and 20% Naphthenic Oil treated DS OT 20(HD) is a special grade of DIAMOND SULF exhibiting higher levels of dispersion.

  • Insoluble Sulfur - Shikoku Chemicals Corporation

    17 Mar 2011 Display Name: Sulfur; EC Number: 231-722-6; EC Name: Sulfur; CAS Cosan 80: Crystex: Crystex 60: Crystex 90 OT 20: Crystex HS: Crystex Regular Industrial sulfur (gaseous) granules: Industrial sulfur in lumps: Insoluble sulfur .. EVERGREEN GARDEN CARE UK LTD 1 Archipelago Lyon Way 

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