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    Parchem is a Global Leader in p-Toluenesulfonic Acid (PTSA) As a leading chemical L. The reactions can generate dangerously large amounts of heat in small spaces. BRAVO . sulfonic acid and refined sodium p-toluene sulfonate product best-selling . acid / PTSA with cas 104-15-4 with high quality, competitive price.

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    CAS Number: 104-15-4, Picture of molecule 3D/inchi. Other: 100901-72-2 p-Toluenesulfonic acid monohydrate ACS reagent, ≥98.5% · Stepan Company.

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    Search results for 104-15-4 at Sigma-Aldrich. Match Criteria: CAS Number, Related Cas Number. p-Toluenesulfonic acid monohydrate ACS reagent, ≥98.5%.

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    153 products STS FACTORY PRICE BEST QUALITY 657-84-1Sodium Toluene Sulfonate. US $1200-5000 / . cas 104-15-4 factory p-toluene sulfonic acid price.

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    1156 products 1156 low price sulphonic acid products from 385 trustworthy sulphonic acid suppliers on Alibaba.com. Reach out to suppliers Best detergent Labsa 96%high purity/Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid Paratoluene Sulphonic Acid, p-Toluenesulfonic acid, CAS 104-15-4 .. Product Information Feedback.

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    Get Best Price Complaint/Feedback Solid PTSA Para Toluene Sulfonic Acid 99%, Grade Standard: Technical Grade, for Fill the quantity to get latest price! Nandadeep offers PTSA grades with as low as 0.1% free sulfuric acid, resulting in Molecular Weight. 172.20 g/mol. CAS No. 140-15-4. Purity (%). 99 / 70 / 65.

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    Supplemental Information: This is classified as a Dangerous Good for transport and may be subject to additional shipping charges. * Refer to Certifie of 

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    [p-Toluenesulfonic Acid] [6192-52-5] | Buy and find out price and availability, MSDS, properties of (CAS RN:6192-52-5 Product Number:T0267) TCI frequently reviews storage conditions to optimize them. Related CAS RN, 104-15-4.

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    Complaint/Feedback Crystals Para Toluene Sulphonic Acid, 25 Kg, Packaging Type: Bag Cas No: 104-15-4 P-Tolylboronic Acid. Ask Price. CAS NO.: 16419-60-6. We are continuously engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying . P-Toluene Sulphonic AcidAsk PriceBy: The Panchi ChemicalsGet Best Price.

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    11 Mar 2015 Since the sulfonate anion is a good leaving group, alkyl sulfonates are toluenesulfonic acid (anhydrous; 104-15-4)a, ≥98.5 (literature) .. CAS no. 74-87-3, 75-00-3, 540-54-5. log p, 0.91, 1.43, 1.85 alkyl sulfonates in sulfonic acid salts is a relatively small price to pay to meet regulatory expectations.

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    At last,p-Toluenesulfonic acid(104-15-4) safety, risk, hazard and MSDS, CAS,cas number Storehouse is ventilates, low temperature and dry; Store with base separately group is electron-with drawing, which makes the tosylate anion a good leaving group. View Lastest Price from p-Toluenesulfonic acid manufacturers 

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    Synonyms: p-Toluenesulfonic acid, Tosylic acid, Tosic acid, PTSA Price could not be retrieved: Minimum Quantity needs to be mulitiple of: Upon Order 

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