• Fungal Alpha Amylase (High Activity) 50g | Philip Harris

    α-Amylase from Aspergillus oryzae powder, ~30 U/mg; CAS Number: 9001-19-8; EC Number: 232-588-1; Synonym: 1,4-α-D-Glucan-glucanohydrolase; find 

  • (PDF) Fungal Amylase - A Review - ResearchGate

    amylase from a fungal source in 1894, which was used for and fungi. .. enzyme to be manufactured for sale and was in the case of Bacillus stearothermophilus.

  • Studies on the bread-improving mechanism of fungal alpha-amylase

    6 Nov 2014 Fungal alpha-amylase (derived from the fungus Aspergillus oryzae). 4 .. cereal flour, which then is sold to the bakeries as a ready-for-use flour 

  • Production and Characterization of α-Amylase from Aspergillus niger

    Fungal α-amylase allows brewers to produce highly attenuated beer through the the conversion of grain starch into fermentable sugars, mostly maltose. Fungal 

  • Purifiion and characterization of fungal alpha-amylase

    Supplementation of flour with exo- genous fungal a-amylase having higher activities is common in the present day modern and continuous baking process [126] 

  • Fungal Amylase - A Review - Semantic Scholar

    Retrospective Theses and Dissertations. 1952. Purifiion and characterization of fungal alpha- amylase. Freeman Carroll Bovard. Iowa State College.

  • α-Amylase from Aspergillus oryzae powder, ~30 U/mg | 1,4-alpha-D

    At Lallemand Brewing we offer a full complement of enzymes to aid your ABV Alphamylase FA is a liquid fungal alpha-amylase that hydrolyzes the α-1,4 

  • Enzymes - Lallemand Brewing

    Fungal α-Amylase is one kind of food grade α-amylase. It is made from Aspergillus oryzal var through fermentation and extraction method and mainly used in the 

  • Fungal alpha-amylase - The Health Council of the Netherlands

    The main objectives of the present study were to use a suitable fungal strain for to be manufacture for sale and was named by solid-state cultivation for many 

  • Fungal α Amylase (Food Grade) - Creative Enzymes

    Fungal a Amylase 50g. Working Concentration - 0.1 - 1%. pH range - 3-6. Temperature range - 20 - 60°C. Substrate - 2% Starch. Product - Maltose.

  • Fungal α-amylase - 1kg | BSG CraftBrewing | Craft Brewing Supplies

    amylase from a fungal source in 1894, which was used for and fungi. Fungal source is . microbial enzyme to be manufactured for sale and was in the case of 

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