• Tetrachloroethylene - Substance Information - ECHA

    ProName: Tetrachloroethylene CasNo: 127-18-4 Molecular Formula: C2Cl4 2001, we are specializing in manufacturing researching of Active pharmaceutical 127-18-4. supply Perchloroethylene with BEST PRICE. Min.Order: 1 Kilogram.

  • Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) | Wisconsin Department of Health Services

    CAS No. 127-18-4. Chemical Name: Tetrachloroethylene. Synonyms: PCE . Occupational exposure to perchloroethylene is possible in the manufacturing 

  • CAS No. 127-18-4 | Sigma-Aldrich

    7 Jun 2019 EC / List no.: 204-825-9. CAS no.: 127-18-4. Mol. formula: C2Cl4 . of this substance can occur from industrial use: manufacturing of the 

  • safety data sheet - Fisher Scientific

    4 Jun 2017 Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene); (CAS · No. 127-18-4) in .. The “Processing aids for agricultural product manufacturing” .. reported occurrence of monitored chemicals in U.S. drinking water supplies from 1998 to 

  • ECETOC Joint Assessment of Commodity Chemicals No.00

    10 matches 1.00965 · Tetrachloroethylene for spectroscopy Uvasol®. CAS 127-18-4, EC Number 204-825-9, chemical formula Cl₂CCCl₂. Supelco. pricing.

  • Tetrachloroethylene - Canada.ca

    7 Oct 2019 Chemical reference number (CAS): 127-18-4 dry cleaning, wood processing, fabric manufacturing, and metal degreasing. The rest will seep into the soil where it may mix with groundwater and contaminate water supplies.

  • CAS 27-18-4,Ethene,1,1,2,2-tetrachloro- Suppliers - LookChem

    Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Number: 127-18-4 Tetrachloroethylene has also been detected in drinking water supplies from contaminated sources like power plants and factories), nonpoint sources (aka area sources - smaller 

  • Tetrachloroethylene CAS 127-18-4 | 100964 - Merck Millipore

    Sources. CAS No. 127-18-4. IARC Monograph Vol. 63, 1995 (Group 2A) Tetrachloroethylene, used commercially since the early 1900s, has been an important . several provinces monitored water supplies for PERC; it was detected in no more by dry cleaning and laundry services, and plastic product manufacturing.

  • Perchloroethylene - Occidental Petroleum

    Minister of Supply and Services Canada 1993 Tetrachloroethylene is no longer produced in Canada but continues to be imported, . The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Registry Number for tetrachloroethylene is. 127-18-4 and synonyms include 1,1,2,2-tetrachloroethylene, R.L. Clark water treatment plant.

  • BOH-May 14-2007-Dry Cleaning-Technical Report - City of Toronto

    Tetrachloroethylene CAS 127-18-4 EMPLURA® - Find MSDS or SDS, a COA, data sheets CAS #, EC Number, Hill Formula, Chemical Formula, Molar Mass 

  • Tetrachloroethylene - CAREX Canada

    Tetrachloroethene (Tetrachloroethylene, Perchloroethylene) CAS No. 127-18-4 Drinking water may contribute to exposure when underground drinking water supplies have been contaminated. Workers in industries such as dry cleaning, aircraft maintenance, electronics manufacturing, and chemical production may be 

  • Tetrachloroethylene | 127-18-4 - Chemical Search Engine

    4 Nov 2016 Chemical Identity. Name: Perchloroethylene. Synonyms: Tetrachloroethylene; Perc; PCE. Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number: 127-18-4.

  • Scope of the Risk Evaluation for Perchloroethylene - EPA

    10 Dec 2009 CAS-No. 127-18-4. Synonyms. Perchloroethylene. Recommended Use Dispose of contents/container to an approved waste disposal plant .. This material, as supplied, contains one or more substances regulated as a 

  • Perchloroethylene (PCE) - University of Idaho

    1 Dec 2000 Perchloroethylene (PCE) in Dry Cleaning Establishments. Remy Newcombe (CAS) Registry Number is 127-18-4. It exists as a TCE's CAS number is. 79-01-6. PCE is . from manufacturing and repair shops, and from contaminated drinking water. . electrodes to supply current to contaminated soil.


    11 Apr 2007 Tetrachloroethylene is the solvent used in most Toronto dry cleaning . it is imported for use in the dry cleaning and the manufacturing . and supplies dry cleaners with a Generator Registration Number, .. of Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene)(CAS No. 127-18-4) in F344/N Rats and B6C3F1.

  • National Supplier of Perchloroethylene - SPS | Solvents Petroleum

    Commodity Chemicals No. 39. Tetrachloroethylene. CAS No. 127-18-4. ISSN - 0773 organic chemical and plastics manufacturing, and paint and ink formulation. . Table 18: Concentrations in Groundwater and Drinking Water Supplies.

  • Biomonitoring Summary | CDC

    Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene). 127-18-4. Hazard Summary Tetrachloroethylene has also been detected in drinking water supplies from contaminated dry cleaning facilities) and at industries manufacturing the chemical. New dry . his or her entire lifetime, that person would theoretically have no more than a 

  • Metabolism and Toxicity of Trichloroethylene and

    20 Apr 2018 No study examined metabolism or toxicity of PCE in CYP2E1 knockout or humanized mice. Montville, New Jersey), and supplied with NTP-2000 (Zeigler Brothers, Gardners, Toxicological review of tetrachloroethylene (CAS No. 127-18-4). . Mechanistic evaluation of biochar potential for plant growth 

  • Tetrachloroethylene (Perchloroethylene) - EPA

    CAS-No. 127-18-4 ​​ ​Synonyms: Tetrachloroethylene, Perc, PCE Description: Perchloroethylene is a colorless, non-flammable liquid that has a sweetish smell. It easily Used in manufacturing processes; Dry Cleaning Solvent; Degreaser; Printing Inks; Shoe Polish; Auto Paint; Electroplating. Contact supply options.

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