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    , Y 7-13%, 60% W/WNAPHTHENATE; :Rare earth naphthenates; : Naphthenic acids rare earth salts rare earth 

  • Rare Earth Products: Rare Earths Elements, Compounds, metal

    CAS No. Cobalt naphthenate. (CnH2n-1COO)2Co. 61789-51-3l. Manganese naphthenate Rare earth naphthenates. (CnH2n-1COO)3RE. 61790-20-3.

  • Standard Steel Tape Market Research Reports – The Florida

    CASCAS、、, 61790-20-3, , Rare earth naphthenates;

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    2-Iodophenylacetic acid (CAS 18698-96-9) market research report 2015-2024 helps businessman/investor avoiding unpleasant surprises. Intuition and 

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    (-)-bilobalide from ginkgo leaves (CAS 33570-04-6) Market Research Reports .. Report · Ceiling-mounted Supply Pendants with Column Market Research Report .. Market Research Report · Permanent Rare Earth Magnets Market Research Report . Yttrium (III) naphthenate (CAS 61790-20-3) Market Research Reports 

  • 2-Iodophenylacetic acid (CAS 18698-96-9) Market Research Reports

    Rare Earth Products, Inc.is a coalition of experienced bench chemists providing the advanced custom synthesis to advance your research projects and help 

  • CAS#: 61790-20-3 - Chemical Book

    1 Dec 2012 only and, in case of discrepancy between this document and the notice or the Act, 61790-20-3 Fatty acids, tall-oil, low-boiling, reaction products with 1- 129811-21-8 Rare earth metals, 2-ethylhexanoate naphthenate complexes Substances that are, or are contained in, photographic supplies,.

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