• Commodities - Distona AG

    16 May 2013 Display Name: Isodecyl diphenyl phosphite; EC Number: 247-777-4; EC Name: Isodecyl diphenyl phosphite; CAS Number: 26544-23-0 

  • isooctyl diphenyl phosphite | 26401-27-4 - ChemicalBook

    CAS No, (26401 – 27 – 4). egory, Antioxidant, Stabilizer. Color, So Max. Form, Clear Liquid. Specific gravity at 25 °C, 1.02 – 1.06. Acidic Value, mg KOH / gm 

  • Di Phenyl Iso Octyl Phosphite (DPOP) | Adishank Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

    SANPHOS-TNPP (HR), Tris nonyl phenyl phospite + stabilizer, CAS # 26523-78-4 SANPHOS-DPIOP, Diphenyl isooctyl phosphite, CAS # 26401-27-4.

  • Phosphites|Product List|Johoku Chemical

    CAS No.26401-27-4; Chemical Name:isooctyl diphenyl phosphite isooctyl Phosphite (DPIOP);Phosphorous acid, isooctyl diphenyl ester;Phosphorous acid 

  • Isodecyl diphenyl phosphite - Registration Dossier - ECHA

    CRISTOL-TNPP (HR), Tris nonyl phenyl phosphite + TIPA CAS No. 26523-78-4 CRISTOL-DPIOP, Diphenyl isooctyl phosphite – CAS No. 26401-27-4.

  • Antioxidants-Phosphites - Sandhya Group of Companies

    Product, General Description, Formula, CAS No, Major Use, Appliion JPM-308, Diphenyl mono(2-ethylhexyl) phosphite, 15647-08-2, Polymer Additives 

  • Isodecyl diphenyl phosphite | CAS: 26544-23-0 | Vesta Chemicals

    CAS-Number. Inquiry. 1,2,3-benzotriazole . diphenyl tridecyl phosphite (DPTDP). 60628-17-3. Inquiry. diphenylisooctyl phosphite (DPIOP). 26401-27-4. Inquiry.

  • Diphenyl phosphite | Diphenyl phosphonate | Sigma-Aldrich

    We supply Isodecyl diphenyl phosphite (CAS: 26544-23-0) to the chemical industry. Interested ? Rostabil DPDP (Isodecyl diphenyl phosphite) is a clear liquid which has C22H31O3P as chemical formula. It it used EC number, 247-777-4.


    Aldrich-D210803; Diphenyl phosphite; CAS No.: 4712-55-4; Linear Formula: (C6H5O)2P(O)H; Empirical Formula: C12H11O3P; find related products, papers, 

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