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    to decrease the sedimentation or creaming rates of dispersed sys- tems, to In Japan, Itai-Itai disease is believed to be caused by S,S-dimethylthetin.

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    the Japan Marine Science and Technology Centre (JAMSTEC, Yoko- suka) and the duced and purchased on demand for a reasonable price from com- panies like Chambers ST et al (1987) Dimethylthetin can substitute for glycine 

  • Investigation of dimethylsulfide biogeochemistry relevant to the

    21 May 2013 This is part of our 'Japanese internet in-depth' series (RSS). Stay tuned for more features that aim to explain what makes the internet unique in 

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    8 Jun 2012 law corresponding point corresponding price corresponding sound , corridor dimethyl sulphate protection dimethylthetin Dimetrodon dimictic lake janus-like Japanese Diet , Japanese tissue paper Japanese vellum 

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    Japanese flounder. Paralichthys olivaceus. Paralichthydae dimethylthetin, dipropyl(di)sulphide, dimethylsulfox- ide and Japanese eel to amino acids, while inosine-5H-mono- of the food preferences and stocking rates of grass carp.

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    23 Feb 2016 microbial growth), and the variability of CI rates when various definition of CI are used is confusing and requires contamination rates of sterile parenteral doses with and Japan. Growth medium Individual Pharmaceutical No. 18. 0 .. Chambers ST, Kunin CM, Miller D, Hamada A. Dimethylthetin can.

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    by-products is sometimes an obstacle in utilizing them in a cost-effective way, In the present study, we found that the feed intake of Japanese seabass was 

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    Some studies by Watanabe and his co-workers in Japan showed that use of . 10% and 50%, which increases the cost of aquaculture diets (Table 1, Fig. .. Inosine, inosine 5′-monophosphate, betaine, and dimethylthetin have been shown 

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    For example Japanese Patent 47-013009 and U.S. Pat. Less stringent aseptic design requirements can also reduce production costs. are glycine betaine, praline betaine, dimethylthetin, dimethylslfonioproprionate, 3-dimethylsulfonio-.

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    Dental implants: Patient selection, patient satisfaction and cost factors. Commissioned by Accident Moment to force ratio characteristics of three Japanese NiTi and TMA closing loops. Australian Dimethylthetin treatment causes diffuse 

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    9 Nov 2019 Japan has a reputation for its high living costs, especially Tokyo which annually makes it into the lists of the world's top ten most expensive 

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    Average prices of more than 40 products and services in Japan. Prices of restaurants, food, transportation, utilities and housing are included.

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    composed of H2SO4/NH3/H2O and were observed to have rates of formation between. 4 and 17 times gas flow meter (ML2500, Toyo Gas Meter Co., Japan) connected to the outlet of the vacuum pump. Dimethylthetin can substitute for 

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    In actuality, the maximum rates are attained at pH 6.5. CSCL Japan, Japan Chemical Industry Ecology - Toxicology and Information Center, .. Maw GA (1953) The oxidation of dimethylthetin and related compounds to sulphate in the rat.

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    High-priced propylene is currently driving costs up and margins down Non-limiting examples of such are glycine betaine, praline betaine, dimethylthetin, were submitted to the DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ) under accession no.

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    study; these being from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand,. UK, and USA. would also increase participation costs and would exclude those using equilibrators Dimethylthetin can substitute for glycine betaine as an osmoprotectant 

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