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  • Diisobutyl Adipate(DIBA)

    Adipic Acid Esters. Diisobutyl Adipate(DIBA). Ⅰ Chemical formula and molecular weight ○Chemical formula:C14H26O4 ○Molecular weight:258.36 ○CAS No.

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    Diisobutyl adipate | C14H26O4 | CID 8831 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classifiion, patents, literature, biological Download Isobutyl adipate. DIBA. Ftaflex DIBA. More Molecular Weight: 258.35 g/mol.

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    18 Aug 2017 diheptyl phthalate same. 3648-21-3. DHXP dihexyl phthalate same. 84-75-3. DIBA diisobutyl adipate same. 141-04-8. DIBM diisobutyl maleate.

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  • Diisobutyl adipate | C14H26O4 - PubChem

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    Adine Adinida adinidan adinole adinvention adion adios adipate adipescent Anglo-hibernian angloid Anglo-Indian Anglo-indian anglo-indian Anglo-Irish diazotize diazotized diazotizing diazotype diaz-oxide DIB Dib dib Diba Dibai dibs dibstone dibstones dibucaine dibutyl dibutylamino-propanol dibutyrate 

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    INCI Name: Diisobutyl Adipate HallTress® DIBA Special is a multifunctional (plasticizer, emollient, solvent), synthetically produced diester of Isobutyl Alcohol 

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