• Restricted Substances List - AVL

    2.7%, and acidity: 0.8% to 0.9% in lactic acid." Ex. EXCL. 286. 0406.90.04 matter: 60%, minimum salt in moisture: 3.9%". Ex. . Lily bulbs. Ex. Ex. 338. 0601.10.05. Narcissus bulbs. Ex. Ex. 339. 0601.10.06 Of nickel. Ex. Ex. 1574. 2833.25.01. "Of copper, excluding those of code dibutyl or diethyl dithiocarbamate.".

  • R.R.O. 1990, Reg. 347: GENERAL - WASTE MANAGEMENT

    335-14-7-Appendix XII Nickel or Chromium-Bearing Materials that May be Processed in Exempt 1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid,dibutyl ester. U088. 84-66-2.

  • Toxic Chemical Release Inventory Reporting Forms and - EPA

    26 Nov 2015 Di-n-butyltin di-2-ethylhexanoate. 2781-10-4. C. Dimercury(I) ethylenebis(dithiocarbamate) and zinc N,N'-ethylenebis Nickel phosphate/ Phosphoric acid, nickel(2+) salt (2:3) .. N-butyl-1-butanamine; N,N-Di-n-butylamin. 111-92-2 for baton formed fluorescent lamps for general purposes: 01.07.

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    59, Ammonium salts of perfluorononan-1-oic-acid EC No. .. 156, Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), 201-557-4, 84-74-2, 10/28/2008, Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c) Consists primarily of cadmium, cobalt, copper, lead, manganese, nickel, thallium, tin and zinc. Emergency and alarm system, including emergency lighting.

  • Acrolein - World Health Organization

    trichloroacetic acid solvent medium with mercuric chloride. Colorimetry. 22.9 µg/ .. concentrations of acrolein in samples of fresh (n = 3) and aged (n = 3) lager 

  • Number HS 2007 Description Applied Tariff Rate for the U.S. under

    18062040 n/o 32% butterfat 60% sugar, in any other form nesi, net .. ores and concentrates 26040000 Nickel ores and concentrates 26050000 Cobalt ores and containing not over 10 percent by weight 27100035 of salts of fatty acids of .. cycloterpenic polycarboxylic acids, etc, theirderivatives 29173100 Dibutyl 

  • Mirka Restricted Materials List (v. 1.5 / 2019)

    (a) electrical switches, thermostats or fluorescent lamps that contain mercury The production of agricultural crops, including greenhouse crops, maple syrup, mushrooms, nursery stock, tobacco, trees and turf grass. 3. Di-n-butyl phthalate floor sweepings from the production of dithiocarbamate acids and their salts.

  • Risky Play and Children's Safety: Balancing Priorities - CDC stacks

    The reaction of ammonia and nitric acid produces a solution of ammonium nitrate. .. water dissociable ammonium salts and other sources; 10 percent of total aqueous indies Poly-Solv EB is a synonym for ethylene glycol mono-n-butyl ether, If, for example, your facility processes several different nickel compounds, 

  • Tin and organotin compounds (EHC 15, 1980) - Inchem

    1,3-dibutyl- 1,3-dithioxo- (8Cl) ORGANOTIN COMPOUNDS Name used in text . acid,6,6-dibutyl- maleate); maleic acid 4,8,11-trioxo, butyl ester, dibutyltin salt (2:1) (Z to a sun lamp yielded dicyclohexyltin oxide and cyclohexylstannoic acid with 60% of triphenyltin acetate and 15° of manganese dithiocarbamate.

  • Annex 1. Management Criteria for Substances of Environmental

    N. I. Sadkovskaja .. It decomposes salts of all other acids except silicic acid. the ventilation and lighting of workplaces, maintenance and good housekeeping .. Di- and trifluoroacetic acids have a lower level of toxicity than n-Butanol; 1-Butyl alcohol; Butyl hydroxide; 1-Hydroxybutane; Propylcarbinol; Propylmethanol.

  • Chapter 104 - Guide to Chemicals

    21 Aug 2015 124-40-3. D. N,N-Di-n-propylamine .. salt (2:3). 7778-41-8. D. Arsenic acid (H3AsO4), dipotassium salt. 21093-83-4. D 2-n-butyl-benzo[d]isothiazol-3-one dithiocarbamate) .. contacts) Lamps, Aluminum cobalt lithium nickel oxide 193214-24-3. D Possible risk of harm to the unborn child.

  • Literature survey of chemicals in toys - Kemikalieinspektionen

    13 Nov 2015 Conducting Procedures with Hydrofluoric Acid . materials laboratory at FAU unless the minor child is participating in a However, if lab personnel change or replace fluorescent light bulbs, contact EHS . n-Butyl Alcohol .. Picrates - especially salts of transition and heavy metals (i.e. Ni, Pb, Hg, Cu 

  • Disulfiram | C10H20N2S4 - PubChem

    salts (but not their acids) and soluble chromates (but not chromic acid), may pass moisture nickel pitch plastics solvents sulfuric acid zinc chloride. Bleachers borax .. function following acute and chronic exposure to tolylene di-isocyanate. Proc. Soc. n-Butyl alcohol is used as a solvent for paints, lacquers, varnishes,.

  • Chemical Hygiene Plan - Florida Atlantic University

    N,N-diethylcarbamodithioic acid [[diethylamino(sulfanylidene)methyl]thio] ester .. from HSDB. Case reports suggest that disulfiram may be useful for the treatment of nickel dermatitis. However .. Di Monte D et al; Eur J Pharmacol 166 (1): 23-9 (1989) Thiocarbamate Esters and Salts/Dithiocarbamate Esters and Salts.

  • Specifiion of Banned and Restricted Substances for Use - Flex

    10 Jan 2019 RoHS (fluorescent lighting). .. unborn child nickel (Ni), tin (Sn), arsenic (As), and antimony (Sb), as well as bromine Copper chromite; Nitric acid, barium salt, reaction products with .. 2,4-di-tert-butyl-6-(5-chlorobenzotriazol-2-yl)phenol (UV-327) . Dimethylformamide; N,N-Dimethylformamide; DMF.

  • Double Nickel LC - Certis USA LLC - | Greenbook

    The first step in reaching a non-toxic environment for children is mapping of toxic substances Dodecanedioic acid-1,6-hexanediamine polymer . Nickel. Metal salt nano-gel containing polymers. 7440-43-. 9. Cadmium 84-74-2 Dibutyl phthalate Lamps. 65181-78-. 4. N,N'- diphenyl-. N,N'-bis(3- methylphen yl)-(1,1'-.

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    View the product label for Double Nickel LC from Certis USA LLC. See active ingredients, product appliion, restrictions, and more.

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