• Investigation of the role of aziridine bonding agents -

    the bonding agents (MAPO, HX-752, and MAT4), curative isocyanide and hydroxyl the results indie both real microstructure and simulated microstructure . stopped, the accurately calculated weight of the curing agent. (HMDI) was added conditioned motor was mounted on the test stand in the testing area and fired.

  • (PDF) Effect of bonding agent production materials on the

    22 Aug 2015 In a first stage, mechanical testing has been made on all samples by means of The results reported show how bonding agents may change the properties of solid products (well known in solid rocket industry) like HX-878, HX-752 and HX-868. the polymeric binder during the propellant curing process.

  • HX-752-1, 1′-Isophthaloyl bis(2-methylaziridine)-Tanyun

    Tepanol – is a very sticky substance used as a bonding agent to strengthen the bond between the binder Isonate 143L – is the curative which starts the processing of hardening the solid propellant 4, HX-752, Bonding Agent, 0.3, 0.0225 Original CP-3 Propellant; Result: astrophic over-pressurization. Test Two.

  • Product Information - Mach I Specialty Chemicals

    mechanical properties comparing with HX 752 or MAPO. Key words: propellant matrix; accelerated aging; bonding agents; analysis erties; curing agents . Test is repeated at least three times for each testing temperature. 3 Results and 

  • Case Bond Liner Systems for Solid Rocket Motors - Semantic Scholar

    The result is a polyether having both hydroxyl and Schiff base functionality. to add various bonding agents, plasticizers, curing agents, cure alysts, and other similar The typical configuration of the propellant sample tested is often referred to as a An alternative bonding agent is known commercially as HX-752 and is 

  • Development of Heavily Aluminized Rocket Propellant

    Compounds containing the acylaziridine group such as HX-752 and HX-868 employed as bonding agents in HTPB propellents and as bond promoters in investigating the cure chemistry of a particular propellant, but this approach yields serious . The reactivity tests were carried out by treating one equivalent of the 

  • Acylaziridine Reactivity in the Liner and Propellant Environments

    Results of the aziridine content and the refractive index. Available via 2.1 Preparations of bonding agent samples and product tests evaluation curing agent HMDI of 11.9 mg equivalent NCO/g HMDI was added by certain amount .. H. X. Tang, X. L. Liu, Q. Wu, Action mechanism of special functional agents in.

  • Effects of Bonding Agents, Curative Ratio and Burning Rate - IJERT

    enlt of both the liner and the propellant, variation in cure times can impact diffusion .. The barrier chemistry results in the formation of a polymer derivative from the reaction of component of the propellant is the bonding agent HX-752. . evaluation, component failure analysis and reliability; fracture mechanics and stress.


    Dynamar HX-752 belongs to the chemical class of acyl aziridines which react be used as a chain extender or crosslinker to cure carboxyl-functional bonding agent for ammonium perchlorate in polybutadiene matrices. A small sample of each lot of HX-752 is tested at 3M by holding it for 16 hours at The result must.

  • US9181140B1 - Solid propellant bonding agents and methods for

    Products include:Oxidizing Agent, Buring Rate alyst, HX-752-1, 1′-Isophthaloyl Appliion: HX-752 is a good bonding agent, which has been used for over 20 kinds of It is still available if retest result is qualified after expire date. 6 kinds of customized products, such as efficient curing agent, have been applied in 

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