• Could Beetroot Juice Boost Your Workout? (Olympians Swear by It

    Athletes from the beginning of time have explored numerous avenues to get a March 26th, 2019 by Cam Mitchell | Posted in Feature, Healthy Eating, Nutrition, Training and Racing One popular aid in recent years has been beet juice.

  • Science | Juice Performer - Endurance-Enhancing Body Fuel

    Who might benefit from Nitrate supplementation As a side note, athletes using beetroot juice should avoid using mouthwash or gum as they reduce the 

  • Can beet juice improve athletic performance? - The Washington Post

    1 Feb 2019 Trained athletes just need more of it, a new study suggests. The benefits of beet juice seem to be weaker in trained athletes. They just need 

  • Using Beet Juice to Improve Performance | TrainingPeaks

    17 Jun 2019 The results, which suggested beet juice staved off exhaustion in the who are sedentary — might gain the most benefit from the vegetable.

  • Nitrate In Beetroot Juice Gives Elite Athletes Competitive Edge

    19 Apr 2019 Growing research continues to demonstrate the health benefits of beet juice. Endurance athletes are getting in on the action, as the latest data 

  • Endurance Athletes: Beetroot Can Improve Your Performance

    8 May 2014 Concentrated beets in the form of beetroot juice allows athletes to benefit from this increased blood flow, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to 

  • Can Beet Juice Instantly Improve Your Endurance? | ACTIVE

    30 Mar 2017 The health benefits of beet juice have been know for centuries. However, this beverage has only recently become popular among athletes.

  • Beet juice might be the natural performance enhancer we've been

    8 Feb 2019 But then beets slipped from the spotlight after further research showed no benefit for highly fit athletes. Most notably, a study on elite triathletes 

  • There's New Data on the Beet Juice Boost | Outside Online

    20 Mar 2014 We all know a healthy diet is high in vegetables and that athletes generally have healthier eating habits than the average person. Despite this 

  • Benefits of Beets for Cyclists - Is Beet Juice Good for You? - Bicycling

    14 Mar 2016 Drinking beetroot juice before exercise can boost physical Juice Gives Elite Athletes Competitive Edge, Among Other Health Benefits. Mar 14 

  • Beet juice, an evidence-based aid for athletes - Triathlon Magazine

    By helping to facilitate the widening of blood vessels, nitric oxide helps to For additional proof of the athletic impact of beet juice, consider this study from the 

  • Beets Are Endurance Athletes' Favorite Root - Elemental

    Independent studies have shown that Beet juice increases athletic This is a powerful combination that helps the body extend endurance and improve intensity 

  • Can Beet Juice Help Your Athletic Performance? | BoxLife Magazine

    10 Aug 2012 "Athletes have known about the possible performance benefits of nitrate -- found in beetroot juice -- for several years," he tells HealthySELF.

  • Effects of Beetroot Juice Supplementation on Cardiorespiratory

    What are the benefits of drinking beetroot juice before competition? Endurance athletes like runners, swimmers, divers, rowers, triathletes and cyclists are 

  • Studies Reveal Beet Juice Benefits for Athletes | Sip Smarter

    Beetroot juice has earned its popularity as an athlete's supplement for better a vegetable formerly known for being served steamed or pickled as a healthy side 

  • Beetroot Juice: Can it Help You Perform Better? - Sanford POWER

    6 Jan 2017 Beetroot juice increases levels of nitric oxide (NO), which serves on cardiorespiratory endurance that would benefit athletic performance.

  • Is Beet Juice Good For You? | Benefits of Beet Juice - Runner's World

    24 Mar 2019 Beet juice gains traction as an evidence-based aid for athletes . there that could benefit from getting the most bang from their buck, it would be 

  • Can Beetroot Juice Improve Running Performance?

    8 May 2013 Beet juice is the big endurance-boosting sensation of the past few years. In the past, I've talked to athletes who've used 500 mL of regular 

  • Beet out Fatigue: Why Beets are Gaining Popularity with Athletes

    beets, beetroot, beetroot juice, beet juice, NO, nitric oxide, vasodilator Beetroot is a nutrient dense vegetable that has quite a few health benefits attached to it.

  • Nitrate (Beetroot Juice) - Sports Dietitians Australia (SDA)

    Beet juice and nitrates have been gaining more and more attention for their ability to improve athletic performance and reduce blood pressure. It's been well 

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