• 2-(2'--3',5'-)CAS#: 21615-49-6

    CASCAS、、, UV Absorber-1; UV-320, 2-(2'-Hydroxy-3',5'-di-tert-butylphenyl)benzotriazole; 21615-49-6, 2-(2'--3',5'-); UV-328, 2-(2'-Hydroxy-3',5'-dipentylphenyl)benzotriazole;

  • - CAS -

    Table 55: Concentrations of benzotriazole UV-absorber species measured in sediment samples. (particle fraction . As the disappearance in this case has to be faster than the degradation of . 2-(2'-Hydroxy-3'5-di-tert-butylphenyl) benzotriazole Contamination and bioaccumulation of benzotriazole ultraviolet stabilizers 

  • (2H-Benzotriazol-2- yl)-4,6-ditertpentylphenol (UV-328) - ECHA

    CAS No. 21615-49-6. Chemical Name: 2-(2'-Hydroxy-3',5'-dipentylphenyl) TINUVIN 328;LABOTEST-BB LT00138025;ULTRAVIOLET ABSORBER UV-328 

  • 2-(2'-Hydroxy-3',5'-dipentylphenyl)benzotriazole | 21615-49-6

    ChemicalBook 2-(2'--3',5'-) 2-[2--3,5-(1,1-)]-2H-2-(2'--3',5'-)UV-328; :2-(2'-Hydroxy-3',5'-dipentylphenyl)benzotriazole : ULTRAVIOLET ABSORBER UV-328 TINUVIN 328 LABOTEST-BB 

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