• calcium propionate - FAO

    12 Aug 2002 Calcium propionate is used as a mold inhibitor in key dietary aloe vera .. Calcium Propionate. 8/12/2002. 6. Reregistration, and Special 

  • Calcium Propionate - ThomasNet

    Calcium propionate. You are in need of a preservative enabling an extra long shelf life period for your bakery, dairy and meat products? Magnesia is 

  • Calcium propanoate | C6H10CaO4 | ChemSpider

    News; Company News · Industry News · Product News · Exhibition Plan. Responsibility Specifiion, : FCC IV. HS Code Calcium propionate has antibacterial effects on molds, yeasts and bacteria. 6 calcium propionate can also be used as toothpaste, cosmetics additive, play a role in anti-corrosion good. 7 a new 

  • Calcium propionate | C6H10O4Ca - PubChem

    Distributor of calcium propionate. Chemical grades include USP, NF, JP, EP, ACS, FCC, micro, food, reagent, HPCL, LC or MS, photres, and cosmetic. Industries 

  • Calcium propionate – Magnesia - MAGNESIA

    22 Jul 2014 Propionic acid, CAS 70-09-4, E 280, sodium propionate, CAS 137-40-6, E 281, calcium propionate, CAS 4075-81-4, E 282, potassium 

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    CALCIUM PROPIONATE. Prepared at maintained at the 51st JECFA (1998) and republished in FNP 52 Add 6. (1998). The propionic acid evolved may be.

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    Calcium propionate | C6H10O4Ca or C6H10CaO4 | CID 19999 - structure, chemical names, Calcium Propionate, FCC . 3.2.6Other Experimental Properties.

  • Re-evaluation of propionic acid – propionates (E 280-283) | European

    Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Calcium propanoate, Molecular FormulaC6H10CaO4; Average mass186.219 Da; Monoisotopic 

  • Calcium propionate

    SYNONYMS. Calcium propanoate, INS No. 282. DEFINITION. Chemical name. Calcium propionate. C.A.S. number. 4075-81-4. Chemical formula. C6H10CaO4.

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    Sodium Propionate For more appliion information click here for Food, Feed or Pharma appliions. Click here for more information on certifiions.

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    Propionate Products . News. Meet us at California Suppliers' Day 2019 · Biopure™ GLDA: Natural Alternative to EDTA · Actique™ Bio-fermentation Derived 

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    propionate. You can source quality calcium propionate at the best price from our factory. Calcium Propionate As a food Preservatives, it is listed as E number 282 in the Codex Alimentarius. Calcium 1,Formula :C6H10CaO4. 2,Formula wt: Name of index. FCC-V. E282. Description. White crystalline powder. Content.

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