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    in which the rubber products industry is broken down according to the number of establishments, butyi-p-creso1J. Antioxidant l, 2246, BKF; Advastab 405;.

  • standardisation of radiation vulcanized natural rubber latex

    Powder Antioxidant 2246(119-47-1), 25, Packaging Type: Bag It is applicable to light colored or colored rubber product. In plastic industry, this product can 

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    Vulkanox® BKF by Lanxess is a non-staining antioxidant of the bisphenol type. Used in the production of tires and rubber products.

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    It is important to add an antioxidant to the irradiated latex at the rate of 1 to 2 parts per 100 parts of Other specifiions required for specific end products such as the Antioxidant 2246. Antioxidant 425 Vulkanox BKF. Vulkanox ZKF.


    Vulkanox BKF. Stangard PC. 2246 (Cytec) Antioxidant 250-SVA otherwise, arising from customer's use of Akrochem products or Technical Information.

  • Powder Antioxidant 2246(119-47-1), 25, Packaging Type: Bag, Rs

    NURCHEM Antioxidant Include staining/non-staining antioxidants and antiozonants. 8, Nurvinox 2246, 119-47-1, PDR, Vulkanox® BKF, Read More.

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    This is the ANTIOXIDANTS page of Kawaguchi Chemical Industry Co., What inspires life into those rubber products .. that is rubber chemicals.

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    PRODUCT. Rubber Antioxidant 2246. CAS #. 119-47-1. SYNONYM. 2,2-Bis (6-t-butyl-p-cresyl) methane; BKF; BPH; 2,2-Methylenebis (6-t-butylcresol); 2 

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    Rubber Chemicals Competitive Cross Reference . Butylated rxn product of p-cresol Antioxidant 12 Vanox BKF Stangard. PC 2246 (Cytec) Vanox 

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    Manufacturer Exporters of Rubber Accelerator Tmtd Nurchem Tmtd in Nanjing China. Nanjing Union Rubber and Chemicals Co., Ltd. offering fine quality Rubber Products Description . Rubber Antioxidant BKF (2246) NURCHEM 2246.

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    Characteristics and Uses: This product is a high-efficiency nonpollutingAntioxidant , applicable to the manufacture of synthetic rubber, latex and natural rubber, 

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    Company exiting products: Diphenylamine, Nonylated diphenylamine, Octylated diphenylamine, antioxidant KY405, ky616, Rubber Antioxidant Rd/Tmq China Chemicals Industry CAS No 26780-96-1 Rubber Antioxidant 2246/Bkf.


    Versions for use in conjunction with paper products can act as releasable adhesives. producing a vulcanised latex or rubber product whereby the latex or rubber the antioxidant is Antioxidant 2246, Wingstay L, Vanox MBPC, Vulkanox BKF 

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    Products. Rubber Antioxidant 2246(BKF). Chemical name: 2,2'-Methylene-bis(4-methyl-6-tert-butylphenol) CAS No.: 119-47-1. Structure: SPECIFICATION: 

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    Products list of Rubber Antioxidant, China leading manufacturer of Rubber Antioxidant, 2246/BKF Environmental Protection: Yes Kind: Antioxidant Trademark: 

  • Rubber Accelerator Tmtd Nurchem Tmtd Manufacturer in Nanjing

    Rubber Chemicals Competitive Cross Reference. Acetales . Vulkanox® BKF (obs.) Stangard® PC (obs.) 2246 (Cytec) Antioxidant 250-SVA . No license is implied or granted by Akrochem as to any such product, method, or process.

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