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    Rubber Antioxidant IPPD 101-72-4,Used in all kinds of tyre and rubber products Molecular Formula:C15H18N2. Molecular Weight: 226.31. CAS No.: 101-72-4.

  • N-Isopropyl-N'-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine | C15H18N2 - PubChem

    Used for an outstanding antioxidant, antiozonant and stabilizer for natural and CAS NO. 101-72-4. Formula. Product Properties. - Class. Phenol derivatives Applicable polymers: SBR, NBR, BR, IR, SBS, SIS, latex, and natural rubber.

  • Rubber Antioxidant IPPD_OKCHEM

    Identifiion. Name N-Isopropyl-N'-phenyl-1,4-phenylenediamine. CAS 101-72-4. Synonyms Molecular Formula C15H18N2 MDL Number This rubber chemical is used as an antioxidant and antiozonant. The main occupational sources 


    7 Apr 2019 Rubber, natural. Regulatory process names 1 More help available here. EC / List no.: 232-689-0. CAS no.: 9006-04-6. Mol. formula: formula.

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    the aging,antioxidants are added to rubber to prolong the life of rubber products remarkably. AMINES. Product name, Chemical name, CAS No. Abbreviation.

  • Rubber, natural - Substance Information - ECHA

    Molecular Formula: C15H18N2. Synonyms: 101-72-4. N-Isopropyl-N'-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine. IPPD .. Naturally occurring or synthetic substances that inhibit or retard oxidation reactions. "Santoflex" /is/ trademark for a series of rubber antioxidants and antiozonants. . from EU REGULATION (EC) No 1272/2008 

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