• Rhenogran® ZEPC-70 - Rhein Chemie - Lanxess

    Organic accelerators are mainly used to reduce the reaction time of rubber vulcanization Vulcanization Accelerators, KUMAC D (DPG), 1,3-diphenylguanidine 

  • Vulcanization Accelerators - KUMHO PETROCHEMICAL

    21 Apr 2016 ZEPC-70. Predispersed rubber chemicals and additives. Function. Accelerator for the vulcanization of natural and synthetic rubbers. Product 


    This is the ACCEL PX page of Kawaguchi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.Kawaguchi Chemical Industry conducts research and development as well as sales and 

  • Accelerators | Rhein Chemie

    Accelerators. Product group . Rhenocure® ZEPC. Rhenocure® ZEPC. Available in; America, Asia, EMEA, India. Chemical Composition: zinc ethylphenyl 

  • Rubber Accelerator ZEPC(PX) - dalian richon chem co., ltd.

    Properties: White powder (granule). No smell, no taste, no poison. The density is 1.50. Soluble in hot chlorolorm, hot benzene, slightly soluble in gasoline, 

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