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    WESTCO™ CDMC Accelerator for Rubber Copper Dimethyldithiocarbamate is a highly active rubber accelerator with very fast cure rates.

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    Conventional single accelerator preparations. Deovulc OTOS-80, beige granules, 80, 0,5 – 2, Laboratory Exposé 1. Deovulc M, white to beige powder, > 95, 0,6 

  • Organic Rubber Chemicals

    Part II the two classes of ultra accelerators that will be discussed are dithiocarba- mates and 2. Sulfenamides. 3. Guanidines. 4. Dithiocarbamates. 5. Thiurams. 6. Specialty Faster cure rate for economical production of the rubber product.

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    You can buy the best quality rubber accelerator at reasonable price from our factory. Accelerator TTCURubber Accelerator TTcu ( CDD ) Chemical Name: Copper :White or yellow particles Density :About 1.09 g / cm 3 Ash :18%±5%. C 10 H 20 N 2 S 4 Zn Molecular Weight: 361.9 CAS NO: 14324-55-1 Specifiion: 

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